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In 1991, Shri Naresh Chokshi envisioned Laxmi Opticians in New Ahmedabad's Nehrunagar, driven by a passion to explore the untapped potential of the vision business. Despite the limited exploration of the luxury eyewear market, the brand was established with a primary focus on meeting this unmet demand. Guided by Shri. Naresh Chokshi, Laxmi Opticians has maintained a significant and enduring position in the eyewear industry, proudly serving a diverse global clientele, including numerous foreign dignitaries.

our vision 

LAXMI's profound experience passed down through generations, combined with a unique understanding of each customer's individuality, enables us to deliver an unparalleled and bespoke eyewear experience. Our commitment to anticipating and meeting evolving customer expectations is reflected in the continuous introduction of new technology, services, and handcrafted products. Your visual needs are our top priority at LAXMI, and our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and comfortable eyewear journey, tailored to your specific requirements.


our founder

Our esteemed founder, Shri. Naresh Chokshi, is a visionary in the optical and eyewear industry with over 35 years of invaluable knowledge and experience. His forward-thinking approach revolutionized the perception of eyewear, transforming it from a mere functional tool to a coveted fashion accessory.

Taking a bold leap of faith, he inaugurated our inaugural optical store in Nehrunagar in 1991, envisioning the area's potential to become a prominent shopping destination. Shri. Naresh Chokshi's strategic foresight has played a pivotal role in shaping our journey in the eyewear industry.

managing partner 

Mr. Aditya Chokshi, a seasoned professional in the eyewear industry, assumed leadership after completing his engineering studies. Since taking the reins from our founder, he has steered Laxmi Opticians to widespread recognition for professionalism, style, quality, and prompt service.

His professional expertise and keen insight consistently empower Team Laxmi to surpass the expectations of our discerning clientele. Under his leadership, Laxmi Opticians has thrived as a symbol of excellence in the eyewear industry